Franglais Song Master List

BENEDICT SINISTER                                                     5 January 2020

"5 Minutes" - The Stranglers

"22" – Lily Allen ft. Ours

"À tout le monde" - Megadeth feat. Cristina Scabbia

"Acadian Driftwood" - The Band

"Alaclair High" - Alaclair Ensemble

"All by Yourself in the Moonlight" - George Sorlie

"All Over The World" - ELO

"Allez-Vous-En" - Kay Starr

"Amies-Ennemies" - Nâdiya

"Ananas" - James Taylor

"And the winner is" – Gerard Damon

"Angela" - Yannick Noah

"Ant Rap" - Adam & the Ants

"Ark diamant" – The Beatniks

"As Long as the Price is Right" - Dr Feelgood

"At My Window"- The Beach Boys

"Aux sombres héros de l'amer" - Noir Désir

"Bad Romance" - Lady Gaga

"Bada Bing" (version francaise) - Cris Cab ft. Youssoupha

"Ballad of Cable Hogue" - Calexico

"Beaucoup Yumbo" by Stephen Stills

"Belles Of Paris"- The Beach Boys

"Beyong the Sea" - Carles Trenet

"Bienvenue à Paris" - Bill Baxter et Tippa Irie

"Black Burning Heart" - Keane

"Black Diamond Bay" - Bob Dylan

"Blue Angel" - Marillion

"Bohème" - We Invented Paris

"Bon Voyage" - Janice Harper

"Bonjour Jeune Fille" - The Blow

"Bonjour Paris" -  Fred Astaire, Kay Thompson and Audrey Hepburn (also performed by Liza Minelli)

"Boomerang" - Radio Radio

"Bumpy Ride" (French version) - Mohambi

"Bury My Head In My Hands" - Orange Juice

"C'est La Vie" - Emerson Lake and Palmer

"C'est la Vie" - Robbie Neville

"C'est La Vie" - Sarah Vaughan (also performed by The DeJohn Sisters, Sunny Gale, Dean Martin and The 5 Keys)

"C’est magnifique" – Eartha Kitt (also performed by Cole Porter, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, Luis Mariano)

"C'est Si Bon" - Eartha Kitt (also performed  Johnny Desmond, Danny Kaye, and Stan Freberg)

"C'était déjà toi" - Laurent Voulzy

"C'etait Toi (You Were The One)" - Billy Joel

"Ça fly away" - Archimède

"Ca, C'est L'amour" - Tony Bennett

"Ca plane pour moi" - Plastique Bertrand

"Ca que c'tait" - Alaclair Ensemble

"California" - Mylene Farmer

"Cargué dans ma chaise" - Radio Radio

"Carmen" - Lana Del Rey

"Cash Out" (vers Fr) - Kylian Mash ft Angelika Vee

"Ce Soir" - Golden Earing

"Cendres" - Loud Lary Ajust ft Fanny Bloom

"Chacun fait (c'qui lui plait)" - Chagrin D'Amour

"Chanson anglaise" - Bourvil

"Chanson D'Amour" - Mahattan Transer (also performed by The Fontane Sisters and Art & Dotty Todd).

"Chantez-Chantez" - Dinah Shore

"Chaque fois" - Yvon Krevé

"Check my fresh" - Thundermentals ft. Vida Sunshyne

"Cherchez l'erreur" - Donovan & Zouzo

"Cherchez La Femme" - Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band

"Cherie, I Love You" - Annette Hanshaw (also performed by Ben Burnie and Pat Boone)

"Chic C'est la vie" - Countess Luann

"Chou Wasabi" - Julien Doré ft. Micky Green

"Cinq a sept"- Koriass

"Circumstances" - Rush

"Co-Pilot" - Kristina Maria & Corneille

"Comme moi" - Black M feat. Shakira

"Comment ça va?" - Radio Radio

"Coquette" - Fats Domino

"Corazon" - Maître Gims ft. Lil Wayne & French Montana

"CPH Girls" - Christopher ft. Brandon Beal

"Crush On You" - Bruce Springsteen

"Dance Me To The End Of Love" - Kate Gibson

"Dancing With Madonna" - Arthur H

"Dans nos rues" - Yvon Creve

"Danse" - TAL ft. Flo Rida

"Darling Darling" - Mano Negra

"Darling je vous aime beaucoup" - Nat King Cole (also perfomed by Hildegarde, Jean Sabln, Lucy Dixon, Peggy Lennon, Dean Martin, Eartha Kitt, Perry Como, Natalie Cole)

"Dead Obies" - Montréal $ud

"Dear Darlin" - Olly Murs ft. Alizée

"Déjà Vu" - Dionne Warwick

"Dekshoo" - Radio Radio

"Denis" - Blondie

"Dies-lui" - Ale Dee ft. David Brown

"Donner pour donner" - France Gall & Elton John

"Down in the Seine" - Style Council

"Drama Queen" - Vadel

"Dream in blue" - Francois Valery & Sophie Marceau

"Dreamin' " - Youssoupha ft. Indila & Skalpovich

"Dusty Men" - Saule ft. Charlie Winston

"Ensemble" - Ray Charles with Ginie Line

"Est-Ce Que C'est Chic" - Chic

"Et c'est parti" - Nadiya ft. Smartzee

"Explosif" - Dead Obies

"Extra Savoir-faire" - They Might Be Giants

"Eyes Without a Face" - Billy Idol

"Fade to Grey" – Visage

"Farewell Summer" - OH DEAR VEGAS!  ft. Lisa Milo

"Fairytale (version française)" - Alexander Rybak

"Feeling's `Gone" - Farfadet & Rymz Avec Dj Spion

"Femme like u" - K-Maro

"For Me Formidable" - Charles Aznavour

"Forme Elliptique" - Radio Radio

"Foux da Fa Fa" - Flight of the Conchords

"Franglais" - Greg Frite ft. HollySiz

"Franglais Street Slang" - Sans Pression

"French Cancan (Monsieur Sainte Nitouche)" - Inna Modja

"French Kissing in the USA" – Debbie Harry

"Fulton Road" - Bernard Adamus

"Galope" - Radio Radio

"Games Without Frontiers" - Peter Gabriel

"Genius in France!" - 'Weird Al' Yankovic

"Get Out Of My House" - Kate Bush

"Get Up (Frtench version) - Diva Faune ft Lea Paci

"Girls and Boys" - Prince

"Give Me That love" - Tom Frager

"Gong Hotel" - Radio Radio

"Grace Kelly (version francaise)" - Mika

"Gromologie" - Koppo

"Guess What" - Radio Radio

"Habibi, je t'aime" - Milk and Honey

"Haïti"- Arcade Fire

"Hands are Shaking" - Brice Conrad ft. Louisa Rose

"Heartless (La Promesse)" - Justin Nozuka ft. Zaho

"Hélène" - Roch Voisine et Cœur de Pirate

"Help Myself (Nous ne faisons que passer)" - Gaëtan Roussel

"Hey ma petite fille" - Buckwheat Zydeco

"Histoires de luv" - K-Maro

“Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick” -  Ian Dury and the Blockheads

"Hold my Hand" - Sean Paul Ft. Zaho

"Hold on Tight" - Electric Light Orchestra

"Honesty et jalousie" - Alliance Ethnik

"Hungry for You"  - The Police

"I Believe In You" - Celine Dion & Il Divo

"I Belong to You" - Muse

"I lost my baby" - Jean Leloup

"I Want to Pogne" - Rock et Belles Oreilles

"I Wish I Could Speak French" - Alvin & the Chipmunks

"I Wonder Where You Are Tonight" - Johnnie Alan

"I'll Strangle You" - Hector Zazou ft. Anneli Drecker & Gérard Depardieu

"I'm Not Into Hop" - Arno

"I'm not rich" - The King's Son & Blacko

"I'm Not Scared" - Eighth Wonder

"I’ve Seen That Face Before" – Grace Jones

"I went to the market" - Gilles Vigneault

"If You Go Away" - Dusty Springfield

"If" – Charlotte Gainsbourg & Etienne Daho

"Il nous faut" - Elisa Tovati & Tom Dice

"In France" - Frank Zappa

"It is Not Because You Are" - Renaud

"It's Good to Be the King Rap" - Mel Brooks

"It’s a Beautiful World" - Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

"It's Alright" - Ricky Martin and M Pokora

"J'ai cherché" - Amir

"Jacuzzi" - Radio Radio

"Jamais" - Charlotte Gainsbourg

"Je Cherche Un Homme" - Eartha Kitt

"Je ne sais pas pourquoi" - Kylie Minogue

“Je ne veux pas travailler” - Pink Martini

"Je Peux Pas T'oublier" - D.L. Ménard & the Louisiana Aces

"Je réalise" - Sinik & James Blunt

"Je reste ghetto" - Tragédie ft. Reed the Weed

"Je Suis Pret" - Brooke Fraser

"Je suis un rock star" – Bill Wyman

"Je t'ai menti (Kill For Lies)" - Caroline Costa ft. Ulrik Munther

"Je te donne" - Génération Goldman

"Je te pardonne" - Maître Gims ft. Sia

"Je te serai fidèle" - Roch Voisine

"Je Vous En Prie" Ken Stringfellow

"Jennifer Juniper" - Donovan

"Jenny" - Gerald de Palmas

"Jet Lag" - Simple Plan ft. Marie-Mai

"Jimmy" - Cats on Trees ft. Calogero

"Jolie Louise" - Daniel Lanois

"Johnny" - Dead Obies

"Just Between You And Me" - April Wine

"Keep Your Head Up" - Andy Grammer & Mélissa Nkonda

"Kings and Queens (Qui je suis)" - Brooke fraser ft Sargue

"Kiss You Inside Out (version francaise)" - Hedley ft. Sheryfa Luna & Andee

"L'affaire Dumoutier" - The Box

"L'amerique pleure" - Les Cowboys Fringants

"L'amour à la française" - Les Fatals Picards

"La femme chinoise" – Yellow Magic Orchestra

"La Fille du Lido" - Inna Modja

"La langue francaise" - Leo Ferre

"La Même Nuit" - Moby featuring Abd Al Malik

"La Saga" - IAM ft. Wu Tang Clan

"La Vie en rose" - Grace Jones (biilingual versions also recorded by Louis Armstrong, Michael Buble, Lady Gaga)

"La Vie en Rose" - DJ Antoine

"Lady Marmalade" – Labelle (a version also recorded by Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mýa & Pink)

"Laissez-moi danser" - Dalida

"Last Night My Wife Hoovered My Head" - Fat and Frantic

"Lauren Caught My Eye" - The Crash

"Lecon No 6" - Les Tetes Raides

"Le Freak" – Chic

"Le Pastie de la Bourgeoisie" - Belle & Sebastian

"Le rendez-vous" - Manu Chao

"Le Robinet" – The Beatniks

"Le Sex appeal do la policiere" - Sexy Sushi

"Le soleil donne" - Laurent Voulzy

"Les cerfs-volants" – Benjamin Biolay ft. Marilyn Monroe

"Les Fleurs du mal" - Sarah Brightman

"Les Fleurs du Mal" - David Sylvian & Ingrid Chavez

"Les Mots" - Mylène Farmer ft. Seal

"Les Nuits sans Kim Wilde" - Laurent Voulzy feat. Kim Wilde

"Let's go" - K-Maro

"Line Up the Stars" - Ivyrise ft. Dania Gio

"Long is the Road" - Jean-Jacques Goldman

"Look What They've Done to My Song" - Melanie (also performed by Arno)

"Love Life" - John Mamann ft. Kika

"Love Me, Please, Love Me" - Michel Polnareff

"Love Story" - Indila

"Lucette" - Michel Buhler

"Lucky Luke, il a pas peur de personne" - Antoine de Caunes

"Ma Belle Amie" - The Tee Set

"Ma Cherie Amour" – Stevie Wonder

"Ma crepe suzette" – Kenneth Williams

"Ma reine" - Axel Tony ft. Admiral T

"Mademoiselle" - Eddy Howard & His Orchestra

"Mademoiselle" - STYX

"Make Up Your Mind" - Final State ft. Laurence Pagé

"Marseilles" by The Angels

"Melodie D'Amour (Melody of Love)" - The Ames Brothers

"Melody Tempo Harmony" - Bernard Lavilliers ft .Jimmy Cliff

"Même si (What You're Made of)" - Grégory Lemarchal & Lucie Silvas

"Merry Christmas" - S P Sans Pression

"Mi Gente" - J Balvin, Willie William, Beyonce

"Michelle" - The Beatles

"Midnight In Paris" - Stephen Stills

"Moments (Le Temps se suspend)" - Kev ft. Mathieu Canaby

"Mon amour" - Abd Al Malik & Wallen

"Mon Cheri" - Georgia Satellites

"Mon Everest" - Soprano & Marina Kaye

"Monnaie" - Dead Obies

"Montreal" by Marillion

"Montreal Nord" - Koriass

"My People" - Negrissim'

"My Song of You" - Laurent Voulzy

"N'oubliez jamais" - Joe Cocker

"Nation" - Tibz

"Ne dramatise pas (16 Lines from Bryan Ferry)"  – Benedict Sinister

"Neal and Jack and Me" - King Crimson

"Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met...)" - Panic! At The Disco

"Necessary Evil (version francaise)" - Nikki Yanofsky

"Never Gone" - Andee

"Never Tear Us Apart" - INXS ft. Ben Harper & Mylène Farmer

"No Vacancy"- OneRepublic ft. Amir

"No Woman" - Raoul Petite

"Noble art" - IAM ft Redman & Method Man

"Nobody Knows" - Mylène Farmer

"Not Now John” - Pink Floyd

"Nous Vivons Ensemble" - Gordon Lightfoot

"Nouveau Voyage" - Pascal Obispo ft Baby bash

"Nuit" - Fredericks Goldman Jones

"Nyctophobia Quiproquo" - Gracy Hopkins ft. Josman

"Oh L'Amour" - Dollar

"Oh La La La c'est Magnifique" - TC Matic

"Okay" - Matthieu Mendès ft. Pomme

"On fait pas ça" - Lacrim ft. Lil Durk

"On the Road Again" - Bernard Lavilliers

"One By One" - Laza Morgan & Kenza Farah

"One Last Time (Attends Moi)" - Ariana Grande ft. Kendji Girac

"One Night In Paris" - 10cc

"Ooh La La" - Faces

"Overdone" - Lapiro de Mbanga

"Paradis City" - Jean Leloup

"Paradis Perdu" - Christine and the Queens

"Paradise (Mon chemin)" - Noa Moon ft. Malo'

"Paradise" - Nehuda & Cris Cab

"Paris Match" - Style Council

"Paris Paris" – Malcolm McClaren & Catherine Deneuve

"Paris-Seychelles" Julien Doré

"Partition" - Beyonce

"Pas heureux ni malheureux" - Arno

"Pearl of the Quarter (Countdown to Ecstasy)" - Steely Dan

"Picasso's last Words" - Paul McCartney / Wings

"Plaisir d'Amour" - Joan Baez (& Nana Mouskouri)

"Poster Of A Girl" – Metric

"Pour être encore en haut d'l'affiche" - Jean Ferrat

"Premier Love" - Tony Parker et Rickwel

"Presque arrivés" - Leïla Lanova Feat. Charlie Brown

"Prince de la Vbille - Taktika

"Protège-moi" - Placebo

"Psycho Killer" - Talking Heads

"Quand j'serai KO" - Alain Souchon

"Quebecois de Souche" - Les Cowboys Fringants

"R & B" - Rouge Baiser, Bernard Lavilliers

"Radio Song" - Superbus

"Raise Me Up (Je respire encore)" - Corson

"Rap folie" - Marcel Fobert et Folie Club

"Rapture" - Blondie

"Reach Out / J'attrendrez" - Diana Ross and Claude Francois

"Reconnez Cherie" - Wreckless Eric

"Reflektor" - Arcade Fire

"Release Me (version francaise)" - Agnes

"Remind Me" - Tribal Jam

"Rendez-Vous" - Anda Adam ft. Mister Sax

"Rendez-Vous" - Bruce Springsteen

"Rendez-Vous" - Craig David

"Rendez-Vous" - Sik-K

"Respect" - Alliance Ethnik

"Reuf" - Nekfeu featuring Ed Sheeran

"Rien ne va plus" - Loud Lary Ajust

"Ritual" - Yes

"Rock'n'dollars" - William Sheller

"Rock the Night" - Hold Up

"S.O.S." - Ocean Drive

"San Ferry Ann" - Wings

"Seaside Rendezvous" – Queen

"Seven Seconds" -

"Shame On You" - Ophelie Winter

"Should I Leave" - David Charvet

"Si demain…"  - Bonnie Tyler ft. Kareen Atonn

"Si tu vois ma go" - Koppo

"Slipping Away (Crier la vie)" - Moby ft. Mylène Farmer

"Smile"- Youssoupha ft. Madame Monsieur

"So Far Away From Courbevoie" - Gilbert Bécau

"So Far Away From L.A." - Nicolas Peyrac

"Song for Europe" - Roxy Music

"Song for Jedi" - Dionysos

"St-Eustache" - Koirass

"Stand the Ghetto" - Bernard Lavilliers

"State of Grace (No savoir faire)" - Seal

"Stolen Car" - Mylène Farmer et Sting

"Suck Baby Suck" – Serge Gainsbourg

"Sugar on Sunday" - Tommy James & The Shondells

"Summer Paradise (version française) -, Simple Plan ft. Sean Paul

"Sunday Girl (English and French version)" - Blondie

"Supreme (English and French version)" - Robbie Williams

"Sweet Darling" - Fréro Delavega

“Sweet Jole Blon” - Doug Kershaw

"Sweet Mountain" American Spring

"Talk About The Passion" - REM

"Tandem" – Vanessa Paradis

"Tcheindre Together" - Radio Radio

"Te garder près de moi" - Alliage & Boyzone

"Te manquer" - Grand Corps Malade & Leslie Bourdinno video

"The Collection Of Marie Claire" - Daniel Lanois

"The Corner of the Bar" - Kimmie Rhodes

"The French Song" - Greg Champion

"The French Song" - Lucille Star

"The French Song" – Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

"The Frog Song" - Robert Charlebois

"The Funky Western Civilization" Tonio K

"The Gigolo and I" - Dctor Buzzard's Original Savannah Band

"The initials BB" - Serge Gainsbourg

"The Modern Dance" - Pere Ubu

"The More I See You" - Valli

"The Partisan" - Leonard Cohen

"The Red Balloon" by the Dave Clark Five!

"This Melody" - Julien Clerc

"Time to Grow (J'ai plus de mots)" - Lemar avec Justine

"Tired of Being Sorry" - Enrique Iglesias et Nadiya

"To be or not to be la vie" - Chloé Sainte-Marie

"To The End" - Blur

"Tonight’s the Night" – Rod Stewart

"Toronto Tontos" - Max Webster

"Toujours là pour toi (Never Gonna Give You Up)" - 2Be3

“Transmitting Live From Mars” - De La Soul

"Trumpets" - Jason Derulo et Maude

"Tu peux cogner mais tu ne peux pas entrer" - Clifton Chenier

"Tu m'oublieras" - Larusso

"Turn Me On (version francaise)" - Tropical Family ft. Kevin Lyttle & Matt Houston

"TV" -  The Flying Lizards

"Un gros chat" - Marianne Dissard

"Un nouveau jour" - Merwan Rim ft. Jamie Hartman

"Un, Deux, Trois" - Fredericks Goldman Jones

"Une année sans lumière" – Arcade Fire

"Une autre saison (open season)" - Josef Salvat

"Une femme n'est pas un homme" – The Beatniks

"Une Nuit A Paris" - 10cc

"Voulez-Vous?" - Arling & Cameron

"Voulez-Vous" - ABBA

"Walking Away (version française)" - Craig David ft. Lynnsha

"We'll Never Die" - Mylene Farmer

“Where Are You Jolie Blonde?” - Johnny Allan

"Wine and Bubble" - Corneille ft. Laza Morgan

"Wordy Rappinghood" - Tom Tom Club

"XOXO" - Loud Lary Ajust

"You and Me Bubblin" - Blue and Linkup

"You Got Me" - Eskobar ft. Emma Daumas

"You Never Can Tell" - Chuck Berry (also performed by Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger, Emmylou Harris and Loggins & Messina under the title "C'est la Vie")

"You Sure Love to Ball" – Sylvia

"You Used To Call Me" - Clifton Chenier & His Red Hot Louisiana Band

“Your Honesty” - Madonna

"Yousef" - Mon Cote Punk