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Benedict Sinister interviewed on iHeart Radio

Updated: May 11, 2020

(28 September, 2018: Los Angeles) Benedict was interviewed by `Eric Cota, Music Correspondent for The Source TV with Yenitza and Merry. Transcript below:

ERIC: We also would like to highlight Benedict Sinister who I actually got to talk to. I was lucky enough to do a phone interview with him. He’s always on the run so it’s hard to get a hold of him. He is a musician, but don’t just call him a musician. He is an artist. He does film, he does writing, among other things. So we’re going to go ahead and play a clip from that phone interview.

Benedict Sinister, thank you for coming on the show today

BENEDICT: Thank you. Very good to be here.

ERIC: First I gotta ask is Benedict Sinister your real name?

BENEDICT: No, my parents weren’t that perverse. Can you imagine sending your little kid off to the first grade having to deal with a name like Benedict Sinister? It would take like two years just to learn how to write it.

ERIC: So you’re from Brooklyn? I wouldn’t guess that from your accent.

BENEDICT: Yeah Brooklyn is in the house. But Like most people from there and in this country it’s not where I came from originally. I come from Paris and from Australia. I don’t think it’s worth spending a lot of time thinking about where you came from. I think you should forget it. You should abandon the identity you got and forge your own.

ERIC: Right.

BENEDICT …focus on creating your identity, not just passively inheriting it….

ERIC: So where are you living these days?

BENEDICT : I’m actually a perpetual traveler, so I spent the last twenty years on the road – living in hotels, every couple of nights I’m in another city. I’ve done it hard, but recently I got to thinking I should actually get back to playing some music.

ERIC: So those last twenty years touring, you weren’t actually playing music?

BENEDICT: That’s right. Playing music was an activity I didn’t really attend to. I had what they call a “period of reclusion” – meaning I didn’t do anything.

ERIC: But now you’re about to release a new track.

BENEDICT: Yeah eventually I got around to it. It’s called “Ne Dramatise Pas”. It’s an homage to British music star Bryan Ferry, and it’s remixed by Miss Beltran, a fantastic DJ here in LA. That I’m sure you guys are aware of.

ERIC: OK we’re going to do some quickfire questions now. So just go ahead and answer with the first thing that comes into your head.

First Tattoo?

BENEDICT: I got wrinkles tattooed by the sides of my eyes to make me look older, so I could get into clubs.

ERIC: What is your favorite music video you made?

BENEDICT: That would be “Faith” by George Michael - except I didn’t make it.

ERIC: First album you bought:

BENEDICT: Welcome to my Nightmare by Alice Cooper.

ERIC: Nice, nice, Well that concludes our interview with Mister Benedict Sinister. Thank you so much again, Benedict.

BENEDICT: Yeah no problem. Great talking to you, and everyone check me out on Instagram: @benedictsinister


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