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Cinema of Morbid Love

I’ve got my period,” she says

In the carriage to the boarding house.

“It doesn’t matter.” He wets his fingers

And puts them in his mouth.


Ai no corrida




Bad Timing


Dogs in Space

La dolce vita


They kissed in the garden, and now

She lies naked before him.

He attempts to seduce her

Into committing a mortal sin.



The World of Apu

Torch Song Trilogy

Je t’aime, moi non plus

Lady from Shanghai


L’important c’est d’aimer

The Night Porter


She asks him to wash her feet.

She replies “noblesse oblige” and smiles.

She says he has made her love him.

He tells her to cut her fingernails.


Last Tango in Paris

Public Virtues, Private Vices

Tales of Ordinary Madness

Funeral Parade of Roses

Hiroshima mon amour

Cry and Cry Again

The Crucified Lovers

The Rider on the Rain


She agrees to call on him again.

He has something for them to take.

They do what they have to do to end it.

In the morning, she finds that she’s awake.


Nine and a Half Weeks

Le mepris

Ju Dou

Sid and Nancy


Blade Runner





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