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No Good Will Come of This. A book of poetry by Benedict Sinister.
Eroticism. Poignancy. Facetiousness, familiar from certain vers-de-societés. Literary antecedents recycled without regard. The ubiquitous vernacular of popular song. An adult novel, an essay collection, a puzzle book… in verse. What is said and done between men and their lovers, recorded with a talent to amuse and a tendency to provoke. A mise-en-page of hard elegance.

“Bleak, black, sexy and wickedly funny.”

Phillip Adams

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Adult Entertainment. A limited edition CD (with lyric book) by Against Nature featuring Benedict Sinister.


Against Nature were formed in the early nineties from the residue of 1980s cult bands The Violent Four and The Subliminal Choo-Choos. Their combination of cynical humour and modest indie guitar virtuosity makes them comparable to: “a good-times Ben Folds Five,” “Beck on a budget,” or “Leonard Cohen with a wicked sense of fun.”


Is this CD the sound of promise struggling against technology? Or of self-conscious sophisticates feigning bare competency? Sinister: “Our work is not for everybody. It’s for those who know there’s more to alternative music than unusual hairstyles. But not much more.”


Against Nature are: Benedict Sinister  (vocals), Anton Sorel (bass), Dr. Edward de Phono (drums), with additional guitars by Oaks Music.

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